While working as the Experience Design Strategist for Leviathan, I was designated the Lead Curator for The Canopy at 900 North Michigan. The Canopy, a newly installed media installation consisting of (10) 20'x20' LED displays, was created with the vision of becoming a creative community canvas open to third-party contributors.

The project directive called for the monthly development -- and scheduling -- of premium 3D animated content, seasonally-based generative content, and special event content.

I was granted a team to fulfill my project role, which included a producer, 3D designers, motion designers, editors, and a junior designer. Under my direction, our team produced nearly 20 rendered 3D animations, over 100 generative concepts, and 2 high-production video content pieces.

Additionally, we created robust media guidelines with program activation instructions to fully encompass the historical findings from the content we produced. Ensuring quality outputs for The Canopy and its contributors.



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