This was a great proposal and project to help develop because of the fluent intersection of graphic design, 3D animation, and motion design.

Leviathan already had the production pipeline established for the 3D product renders from previous client work, allowing the team more time for developing 2D graphic elements and their respective motion design.

True story: A year later an unrelated client, unbeknownst to them, references this very work to Leviathan during an RFP inquiry.

Leviathan combined science and simplicity to highlight features of the new Whirlpool Cabrio. (c/o Leviathan).

Leviathan, Distributive Design, Derek Weglarz, Broadcast

The broadcast concept was a blend of 2D graphics populating throughout 3D animation sequences. The animated infographics beautifully illustrated the product features to the sound of the V.O.

Leviathan, Distributive Design, Derek Weglarz, Broadcast

The animated graphics were initially created by 2D designers, then visualized by 3D animators; allowing the compositors to neatly weave them into the spot.