In my role as creative lead for Levy Restaurants, we were asked to update the digital menu boards at Chicago’s United Center to reflect the new Chicago’s Plate food and beverage programming. Bringing a curated collection of local Chicago plates into the arena.

The project directive called for updating the rigid and repetitive universal template, used throughout the arena, with a more flexible template. Allowing for the creation of unique digital menu boards that carry the look and feel of each food concept.

My contributions to the project included working with the display technology vendor to explore and implement a system update that provided options to add variety and customization.

From here, I performed brand audits of the establishments participating within the Chicago’s Plate program. Leveraging iconic and distinctive design elements from their brands and physical locations when developing visual designs for their concession location.

In total, nearly 20 individual branded menu boards were created, each with a personalized style to complete the food concept experience.

United_DigitalMenus_Lead_Image United_DigitalMenus_Sub_Image_1


United_DigitalMenus_Sub_Image_2 United_DigitalMenus_Sub_Image_3 United_DigitalMenus_Sub_Image_4 United_DigitalMenus_Sub_Image_5 United_DigitalMenus_Sub_Image_6 United_DigitalMenus_Sub_Image_7 United_DigitalMenus_Sub_Image_8