Part of my responsibilities Sr. Designer with Leviathan was organizing People & Culture events on behalf of the company.

The events are intended to foster a stronger work environment, contributing to the people and culture of Leviathan. They also served as powerful recruiting tools to attract top, and hard to find, talent.

After Leviathan collaborated with RedMoon theater to contribute new visual content to Amon Tobin’s ISAM 2.0 music tour — an opportunity presented itself.

Typically practical art created for video shoots is often broke apart, given away, and the rest discarded. Instead, Leviathan asked me to curate an open house event from the saved practical set pieces.

I devised a floor plan that incorporated the micro-scaled puppets, simple machines and other moving parts of the unique spectacles filmed for the project. The installation encompassed over 36 pieces of art and 2 video presentations across an expansive 5,000 sq. ft. office loft.

The curation of which was intended to blend the personal works of the Redmoon Theater artists with the micro-sets they built for the Amon Tobin Isam Tour. Contrasting the two bodies of work offered insight to the contributions and characteristics of each individual artist.

The open house event attracted a huge crowd that included the Redmoon Community, V-Squared Labs, and many of Chicago’s 3D animation and post-production studios.

Leviathan, Distributive Design, Derek Weglarz, Event