Design Kitchen and Leviathan approached HP with an idea of launching a massive audio-visual collaboration, implementing the latest technology through the use of HP TouchSmart computers.

They put together a team of designers, composers, and technologists; built touchscreen synthesizers that control 3D projection mapped content... and watched the show unfold.

This large-scale event required efforts from a myriad of contributors. Each one layered on top of the other. The logistics of staging such an event was on the scale of the project itself, aptly named “Play Big”.

As seen in the provided pictures, installing even the most simple things was a huge task. The end result was an inspired an innovative effort, perfectly captured in the provided video from Leviathan.

Provided is a video case study of the project. (c/o Leviathan).

Leviathan, Distributive Design, Derek Weglarz, HP, Experiential

The video documentary concept takes the viewer along the arc of creating an innovative concept and watching it grow to ever greater heights.

Images provided above are taken from the second phase of concept development; transforming entire event spaces into interactive art experiences.

Leviathan, Distributive Design, Derek Weglarz, HP, Experiential
Provided are images from the first phase concept development, where custom large-scale sculptural objects are mapped with interactive content to the faces of the geometric planes.