Organizing and writing a competitve creative proposal is never an easy task.

As creative consultant and art director at Leviathan, the objective is to always push hard for the biggest and best proposals.

While many demur on the competitve proposal process, as a consummate communications art professional... the process is compelling and exciting.

Multiple on-site and off-site contributors, 2D & 3D artists, compositors and editors, all brought together with the single focus on selling the studios’ approach and ideas.

Feedback on its effectiveness comes quick and in a concrete way; when the project awards.

The KBB proposal stands out as an example of how fulfilling the endeavor can be; a small mid-west creative studio can compete and win against other big-name coastal shops.

Check out the directors cut, (c/o Leviathan).

Leviathan, Distributive Design, Derek Weglarz, KBB, Broadcast

The initial RFP response produced several rounds of mood boards, style frames and concept explorations before arriving at the final presentation.

Once the competitive bids were submitted, a rigorous review process eventually found our work to be the most comprehensive and relevant to the clients vision.

Leviathan, Distributive Design, Derek Weglarz, KBB, Broadcast

Provided are just a few of the many mood boards and concept art generated throughout the creative development process.