This is the fascinating story of how an icon is made, the improbable journey it takes, and how it went down as part of sports history.

The journey began at Rank & Rally, the official retail partner of Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cubs franchise. Our team labored to design the perfect goat icon, which we pitched as a merchandising opportunity among several other concepts.

Ultimately the icon wasn't selected for merchandising opportunities, however, the journey of the goat icon would not end there. It eventually make its way to the jeweler responsible for crafting the championship rings, Jostens.

Where it would be inscribed on the inside of the official Cubs World Series Championship ring — banishing the curse of the goat — and burnishing itself into sports history.



Cubs_Goat_Sub_Image_1 Cubs_Goat_Sub_Image_2 Cubs_Goat_Sub_Image_3


Checkout the full backstory here: https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/cubs/ct-cubs-billy-goal-rings-sullivan-notes-spt-0416-20170414-story.html