In my role as creative lead for Levy Restaurants, we were asked to develop a brand identity systems for the food and beverage programming at The Grey Goose Flagship Lounge, in Miami's American Airlines Arena.

The project directive call for branded collateral that reflected the modern space. The Gilded Age inspired interiors provided a wealth of elements to draw from – Luxurious material palettes, warm saturated colors, and sophisticated patterns.

My contributions to the project included designing the visual identity system, which holistically brought the elements of the space together with a geometric pattern in a radiant gold color palette. Classic fonts and design flourishes embellish the various F&B programming collateral, which included: dining menus, policy signage, business cards, food tags, recipe cards and specialty food and beverage menus.

The visual elements were also utilized to create a branded motion design package for the digital screens within the space. The patterns and design flourishes were incorporated into transition devices for revealing of-the-moment messaging, food and beverage images, promos and more.

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