My role as creative lead, and partial business owner, of Earlove was born from a package redesign project. At the time, the high-fidelity earplug company needed packaging inserts due to its new product casing – a silver aluminum tube.

Earlove is a passion project of mine. I was introduced to the founder, Carolynn Travis, at an art opening where we both had personal works displayed. As a fellow creative trying to find a way to make a difference in the world, our connection was immediate.

When she approached me with the package project, it began an ongoing passion for hearing conservation efforts. The core mission of Earlove is to provide musicians, concert and club go-ers, and those who work in loud environments with products and education to protect themselves.

To achieve part of this mission, the package inserts give a clear and ever-present view of the product. The minimal, yet approachable design positions hi-fi earplugs as part of the rising "modern wearables" industry.

Earlove offers two distinct models of high-fidelity earplugs, Classic and XO. To add clarity and confidence in product choice, each model was given a unique look that ladders up to the master brand.



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