As a designer and business development guru, I've put together many pitch decks. The ideas I've seen and asked to produce truly boggle the mind — and I am here for it! Sometimes the concept artwork is so good that even when the strategy/creative doesn't go anywhere – you still want to share it.

That’s the case with this concept work that I created while contracted with Edelman for Oshkosh Defense. Our team pitched several ideas to the client, who's vehicles were used in the Transformers 4 movie, to leverage this opportunity in big ways to fully maximize the exposure.

While left on the cutting room floor, it’s a great example of compositing conceptual artwork for pitch decks.

CS_OshKosh_Lead_Image CS_OshKosh_Sub_Image_2 CS_OshKosh_Sub_Image_3 CS_OshKosh_Sub_Image_4