Asked to collaborate on the launch of the Leviathan brand, several pieces of business collateral were developed.

For the business card, the thought was to emphasize quality in craftsmanship to reinforce the same impression of the company.

Selecting a printing technique was the next decision to make. Choosing engraved cards, we were able to play with the unique features of that process.

For a dramatic, high-contrast appearance white type was used on a dark grey card stock. A custom ink matched 10% darker to the paper stock was created for the abbreviated logo and company address.

The tone-on-tone added a sleek and fashionable look to the overall style of the card.

Leviathan, Distributive Design, Derek Weglarz, Branding
Made of (2) 100 lbs. cards glued together, the hefty stock provides a rustic platform for the engraving.Leviathan, Distributive Design, Derek Weglarz, Branding

They were produced by an engraving shop with an in-house bindery department, which greatly reduced the cost per unit.

Leviathan, Distributive Design, Derek Weglarz, Branding
These pictures were taken during press check, a favorite experience of mine.