While contracted as Sr. Designer at Edelman, I was approached to uplift a social marketing effort for their client Rotel.

The marketing program involved a social coupon that increased in value when the community registers for it and shares the post. If the community reaches 10,000 shares, participants will receive 2 free cans of Rotel when they buy Velveeta Cheese.

To uplift the effort, I designed custom "Queso badges" that utilized the current "Queso For All" campaign to have a fun creative asset worth sharing.

The folksy, and playful design was paired with copy that spoke from a friendly voice with a direct call-to-action. Encouraging people to register and share to unlock free products.

While 10,000 shares wasn’t achieved, social engagement increased over 400%. Closing out the social marketing effort with thousands of participants registered into the program.

CS_Rotel_Lead_Image CS_Rotel_Sub_Image_1 CS_Rotel_Sub_Image_2