Earlove has been a SXSW event exhibitor year-over-over, making it the perfect place to launch their new model of high-fidelity earplugs.

My role as creative lead, and partial business owner, was to work with the founder on designing and procuring vinyl banner graphics, press-kits, postcards, educational pamphlets, stickers, and posters.

Our SXSW booth and product launch was a tremendous success, selling out of inventory and generating nearly 43% more traffic to our site. Sales for the next 2 consecutive quarters rose by 32%.

EarloveSXSW_Lead_Image EarloveSXSW_Sub_Image_1 EarloveSXSW_Sub_Image_2 EarloveSXSW_Sub_Image_3 EarloveSXSW_Sub_Image_4 EarloveSXSW_Sub_Image_5