While employed as the Experience Design Strategist for Leviathan, our team was asked to develop an interactive installation for a product innovation group at Verizon, for the Verizon Connect event. The exclusive event brings together businesses and industries of various Verizon commercial customers to discuss future improvements and services.

The project directive called for highlighting the innovations developed by five different Verizon product teams – demonstrating their value to event attendees.

My contributions to the project included working directly with the client to acquire all project discovery materials and information. The discovery phase also included interviews with each product innovation team to ensure client understanding.

From here, working with the Creative Director, we distilled our discovery findings to craft a narrative design for the interactive concepts. For efficiencies in cost and storytelling, our approach unified the disparate product innovations into a single 3D environment.

Our final conceptual narrative design created a fictional community, which experiences a severe weather event. Thereby activating the Verizon innovations into action, allowing various businesses and industries to navigate the storms impacts in ways not possible before. Demonstrating and contextualizing the innovations for attendees.



CS_Verizon_Sub_Image_1 CS_Verizon_Sub_Image_2CS_Verizon_Sub_Image_3